To minimise downtime, our service exchange (SX) engines and components are available to the Australian & New Zealand gas engine market at short notice.

Drawing on our Australian and German resources, we promptly supply short block and long block service exchange engines & components for a wide range of gas engines, gas compression engines and stationary generators, including:

Other Brands
  • Type 2 J208
  • Type 3 J312, J316, J320
  • Type 4 J412, J416, J420
  • Type 6 J612, J616, J620, J624
  • TCG 2016 V8, V12, V16
  • TCG 620
  • MWM 2020
  • 2842, 2866, 2876
  • 3262, 3268
  • E0824 E301-302
  • E0826 E301-302
  • E2848
  • D0836
  • D2530-2842, D2676, D2840, D2842, D2848, D2866, D2868, D2876
  • VGF
  • VHP
  • AT
  • 275+
  • APG
  • MTU
  • Cat
  • Cummins


Engine build inclusions

Our service exchange (SX) engines typically use a combination of genuine, OEM and aftermarket parts, as specified below for short block & long block engines. However, we can supply to your exact parts-source requirements.




Short Block Inclusions


Long Block Inclusions

Crankcase Reconditioned Reconditioned
Crankshaft Reconditioned Reconditioned
Connecting rod Reconditioned Reconditioned
Camshaft Reconditioned/New (model-dependent) Reconditioned
Oil pump Reconditioned Reconditioned
Oil cooler Reconditioned Reconditioned
Piston cooling Reconditioned Reconditioned
Gear train Reconditioned Reconditioned
Throttle valve Reconditioned
Regulating rods Reconditioned
Gasmixer Reconditioned
Mixture intake Reconditioned
Valve control Reconditioned
Water pump Reconditioned
Cylinder heads Optional Reconditioned
Exhaust manifold
Turbo charger Reconditioned
Intercooler Reconditioned
Main bearing New New
Connecting rod bearing New New
Pistons New New
Push rods New New
Oil filter New New
Air filter New
Vibration damper New New
Cylinder liner New New
Coupling New
Isolation exhaust and turbo charger
All necessary electric components
Paint job New New


ISO 9001 and NATA accredited Australian workshop

Our workshop in Newcastle NSW and our systems are ISO 9001:2015 and NATA accredited. We are backed by one of the industry’s most sophisticated ERP systems, ensuring quality, reliability and job performance are second-to-none.

Global expertise, Australian workmanship

Cirrus Power Systems brings together the resources and expertise of Australia’s Teterin Engineering (est. 1947) and Germany’s August Storm (est. 1937), Europe’s largest service experts for power generating gas engines and parts.